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{Jackson, TN family photography}

I was so honored to be asked by my friend Tracye to photograph her family. She is a very talented photographer here in Jackson as well and it’s such a huge honor for her to allow me to capture her family!! We had a beautiful day for the session and Elliot was in a great mood! We had lots of fun running around on the baseball field and looking at the ducks on the pond. Thank you so much Tracye for allowing me to help you capture this time in your life. SO super excited for the next chapter in your story with another beautiful baby to love!!



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{Jackson, TN Family Photography}

My parents and I took three of my kids to Wisconsin a week ago. We enjoyed a week of visiting our family and friends but we didn’t enjoy the crazy weather. I guess I’ve forgotten what Aprils in Wisconsin are really like. There was snow, cold, rain and a little bit of sunshine! I was blessed to be able to photograph two of my friends families while we were there. I love that I am able to work with my friends when I go home and that I can interact with their families! Here are a few sneak peeks.

I am so excited that I was able to be part of something so fun and special as organizing a photo pregnancy announcement!! So excited for this amazing family to welcome a new baby in the fall.
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It was a pleasure to meet Zeke the almost-5-year-old son of my friend Jessi and her husband Nick. I was blessed to photograph their wedding (10 years ago) so it’s so awesome to come full circle…even though we live thousands of miles away from each other. They are also expecting another child this fall and that is a total blessing from God!! So happy that Jessi contacted me about photographing her family while I was home. The weather was LESS than ideal so we had to shoot indoors but it worked out pretty good!! Here are just a couple of my favorites!!


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{Jackson, TN newborn photography}

I love it when my friends have babies. Newborns are my favorite to photograph. Although they may not always cooperate by sleeping through a session, they cannot walk away or pitch a fit (well, they can but it’s expected) like a toddler. They are cute, snuggly and smell good…and when it’s my friends having the babies I get to enjoy the new baby smell, snuggles and cuteness without having to go through the whole process of having a baby. And I get to sleep at night…well, as much as my four month old allows. I was so excited when Marcia told me she was pregnant and couldn’t wait for the day I’d be able to get my hands (and my camera) on her new little baby! Polly was such a good baby for me. She wasn’t interested in sleeping but she let me do whatever I wanted with her. I moved her around, put her in things, on top of things, beside things and she just laid there and checked it all out. She did finally fall asleep right before we added big sister and big brother to the photo session and that was a good thing!! Here are some of my favorites from Polly’s session. I’m still working on a few “fun” photos that I hope to post soon…if my idea pans out how I wanted it to! Thanks Marcia for trusting me once again with your beautiful family and these priceless memories!


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{Jackson, TN family photography}

I love it when I get to photograph the same family from year to year. It is so fun to see how much the family has grown and changed and not changed ;) . This sweet family also happens to be good friends of ours which makes this session that much more special for me. Blake and Ty were amazing to work with. We had fun playing in the leaves, they listened so well, they smiled, they were themselves. It was just such an incredible photo session!! I hope they love these photos as much as I do. I was so happy we chose to head over to Muse Park for their session, the leaves were amazing and the weather was perfect that day!! Here are a few sneak peeks! You can see a bunch more on my facebook page here!


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{Jackson, TN Senior Portrait Photographer}

I love that even while focusing on my family and not actively marketing my photography business I still have friends ask for me to photograph them. I was so excited when Courtney and her mom contacted me about doing her senior portraits. I love photographing seniors (they listen to directions, have cool clothes, can have adult conversations and the list goes on) and was ready to get out and shoot after sweet Abi was born (well I did need a week more than I thought I would after the baby was born but Courtney was very understanding of that). We ended up with a GORGEOUS fall (even felt a little like summer) day. Courtney chose to go to the Cypress Grove Nature Park and I’m so glad she did. It was a beautiful backdrop for this beautiful young woman and it was an opportunity for me to explore another part of my city that I’d not be to before. Courtney, Sam (her older sister) and I had a great time walking the trails, laughing and getting some great shots of beautiful Courtney.

Thank you Courtney for choosing me to help you capture and remember this exciting time in your life. Enjoy the rest of your senior year of high school. So excited for you to pursue Art Education next fall!! Love that!!…here are a few sneak peeks for you (and your mom ;) ).

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Our sweet little girl arrived one week and one day after her expected arrival. We are so grateful that she arrived safe and sound and our family is already truly blessed by her presence. She was born weighing 7lbs 10oz and 20 inches long. She is a sleepy baby and has already proven to be the best baby sleeper of the bunch…so far at least ;) . We cannot imagine life without her and she’s only been here almost two weeks. We count her among our blessings and thank God for allowing us to walk on this earth with Abi as part of our family. Here are some of her newborn photos, I do plan on taking some others, but just a little at a time!! 


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{Jackson, TN, child photography}

I was so excited when Marcia asked me to photograph Bennett. She told me that they were starting to re-decorate his room and were going with a train theme. We decided to head downtown to the railroad museum to get some photos of Bennett with the trains for his room. What a well mannered, handsome, agreeable little man. He did SUCH A GREAT job with his photo shoot and took direction really well. He made my job very easy! I got some cute shots of him and think they will have plenty to choose from for his room. I’ve just started editing the photos but wanted to share a few with Marcia…so here you go sweet friend! Your little train loving two year old man!

And you can see a few more on my facebook page!